International College
The International College of National Taiwan University was founded in 2021 as a milestone in the globalization efforts of NTU. The College aims to build a higher education platform that combines the strengths and uniqueness of Taiwan with the strongest academic disciplines of NTU. It operates an all-English immersive learning environment that brings together a community of global and domestic students and scholars. The College emphasizes and drives connections with the international higher education landscape, therefore providing more diverse and innovative opportunities to its community. Learn more about our missions here:
Interdisciplinary Master's Degree Programs
The International College of NTU offers cross-disciplinary degree
programs that align with the global development trends. Our curricula focus on connecting scholarship to practice and training students to critically examine current issues in their respective disciplines. As of the fall of 2022, the College will be offering three master's-level programs: Master's in Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science, Master's in Biodiversity, and Master's in Smart Medicine and Health Informatics.
Expansion and Promotion of Mandarin Chinese Language Education
The International College of NTU proactively implements Mandarin language learning and teaching collaborative initiatives with various international partner institutions. The International College strives to expand the reach and positive impact of the Mandarin language education resources of Taiwan.