Master Program in Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science

Global ATGS trains talents in emerging agricultural biotechnologies and smart agriculture. The curriculum centers around the development of innovative core technologies and strategies to improve agriculture production efficiency. Join us to become a leading force in shaping the future of agriculture.

Master's Program in Biodiversity

MPB offers expertise in Biodiversity Science, Conservation Governance, Ecosystem Development, and Sustainability Management through our comprehensive curriculum. Discover the MPB program and embark on a transformative journey toward a sustainable future.

Master's Program in Smart Medicine
and Health Informatics

Smart MHI's curriculum focuses on Personalized and Smart Medicine, AI, Machine Learning, and Biomedical Signal Processing. Our program equips you with rewarding careers in the healthcare industry. Join us to innovate and shape the future of healthcare through cutting-edge technology and data-driven solutions.

MS Program in Disaster Risk Reduction
and Resilience

MDR3 provides risk assessment, climate change adaptation, contingency planning, and resilience expertise. Join us and become an industry leader with a holistic vision for investing in sustainability efforts.